Electronics and Appliance Tips, How To Prevent Ordering The Wrong Appliance Part, tv and appliance repair services

Ordering the wrong appliance part or television can be very inconvenient and costly.  If you order the wrong part, this will lengthen the time to fix the unit and also you might be responsible for return shipping fee and or restocking fees or worst case no refund. Continue reading How To Prevent Ordering The Wrong Appliance Part Or Television

how to reset samsung tv

SUBJECT: Mandatory How to Reset  Factory Reset Samsung TV After an Apps Reset is Mandatory

SYMPTOM: After an Apps Reset, certain apps may disappear or may not load.

AFFECTED MODELS: All Smart TV models

CAUSE OF ISSUE: “App Reset” simply deletes Apps so a “Factory Reset” must be performed after an “App Reset”. If a Factory Reset is not performed after an “App Reset” or a Factory Reset is performed before an “App Reset”, unexpected side effects can occur.

REPAIR: Always perform a Factory Reset after an App Reset.

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tv repair, television repair services

We provide television repair services on all brands and models. We Provide warranty, extended warranty, and non-warranty repair work. And We provide both in-home and Carry-in services. Contact us to get free advice from a TB Electronix tv repair services Support expert. We’ll help you fix your issue, or set up a repair or you can book online.

Residential Repair

Need Repair and have no warranty? Don’t worry, just call us today. We perform non-warranty residential repair and Preventive Maintenance work on all brands and models televisions and appliances. A professional appliance technician can save you money in the long-run and will give you a piece of mind knowing that the condition of your kitchen appliances is in good shape. Thus sparing you the expense, hassle, and inconvenience of needing them repaired unexpectedly.

Here at TB Electronix Service, we take the hassle out of non-warranty kitchen appliance and all brands and models televisions and appliances, by offering an easy way to schedule a service call online. There are just a few easy steps to book a service online

kitchen preventive maintenance

At TB Electronix, we offer affordable, flexible kitchen preventive maintenance plans focused on maximizing the life of your equipment. In addition to cleaning and maintenance to optimize system performance, we offer ongoing support to track the lifecycle of your equipment to help identify repeat issues, critical upgrade opportunities, and overall lifecycle status. This service allows us to offer insights on how clients can maximize and manage their capital equipment budgets. We will perform a complete inspection check on all your major kitchen appliances including your stove/oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher

Efficiency You Can Count On. Support You Can Trust.

Contact us today to learn more about how kitchen preventive maintenance can drive increased profitability and performance in your kitchen.

washers and dryers repair, laundry preventive maintenance

Prevents costly repair, Lets us performs 25 points checklist on washer and dryer.

Benefits of Laundry Preventive Maintenance

1. Laundry Preventive maintenance lowers the possibility of dryer fires.

2. Identify a problem and prevent it from becoming serious.

3. Keep equipment running at peak performance.

4. Save on utility and labor costs.

5. Help extend the life of your equipment.

6. Decrease drying time – increase production.

7. Reduce costly downtime.

Contact us to get free advice from a TB Electronix Support expert. We’ll help you fix your issue, or set up a repair or you can book online.

Refrigerator Preventive Maintenance

We are factory trained and authorized to perform a complete diagnostic and preventive maintenance checklist on Samsung Refrigerator and LG Refrigerator. The refrigerator is important! You need speedy, expert repair service so you don’t end up wasting food and suffering foodborne illness. Call us at 813-395-5980, or schedule service online.

Commercial Repair

We Provide TV and Appliance Commercial Repair and Preventive Maintenance services to local businesses. We have special programs and prices for Property Management Companies, Real Estate Agencies, Builders, Hotel, Motels Resorts, Hospitals, and Universities. And We provide repair services, installation services, maintenance services, cleaning services,move-in/move-out services and recycling services. Contact us today for your special offer.