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How To Prevent Ordering The Wrong Appliance Part Or Television

Ordering the wrong appliance part or television can be very inconvenient and costly.  If you order the wrong part, this will lengthen the time to fix the unit and also you might be responsible for return shipping fee and or restocking fees or worst case no refund.

To order the correct television or appliance part you must know the correct part number.  Due to a large number of variation, versions of a particular model; it’s very easy to pick the wrong part number. Each variation or version of the same model might have a different mainboard or power supply board or t-con board. I will explain two methods make sure you order the correct part number

The first method: Get the part number from the label on the board

This is by far the best way to find the part number for any part.  If you have the defective part or if you can pull it from the unit, this should be your first choice to find the part.  The part number should be identified by a sticker on the board or a board number printed on the board.  Also, the picture/ physical layout of the board should match the one you plan to order.  Along with part number, you should make sure all ports, connectors, and components match what you need. If the part number and the board physical layout match, you should be certain to get the correct part.

The second method: Know the correct model number, Serial Number, Version or product code

This method is very accurate if you are ordering parts from the manufacture of your product or from some of the bigger online distributors such as Sears or Encompass.  Be very care for using this method if you are ordering parts from an online market place like eBay or Amazon. To use this method, you must get the model, serial, version from the model/serial label sticker on the side or back of the unit.  Do not get the numbers from the package box or from your purchase receipt.  The model number on package box or sales receipt could be wrong or incomplete.

Next, I will tell you what to look for on the model/serial label sticker for the following brands: Samsung, LG, Vizio, Funia

Ordering Samsung Parts

For Samsung Television, Samsung Refrigerator, and other Samsung Appliances, the model number and version number are very critical.  For Samsung TV, the version number is a 4 digit code on the label. Example: DA02, FA01, ext. In order to order a Samsung main board, or power supply, t-con or the LCD panel, you must have the version number along with the model number.  All Samsung main board starts with BN94-#####X. All Samsung power supply starts with BN44-#####X. And All Samsung panel and t-con board start with BN95-#####X.  If you order the Samsung television part base on the wrong version number, you will order the wrong part.

samsung television samsung appliances
Samsung product label

For Samsung appliances, the version number is a 2 digit number on the label. Example: 00, 01, 04, 05.  Make sure the model and version match before you order the part.

The Samsung television or Samsung appliance Serial number is another way to identify the correct part.  The Samsung serial number can give you a lot of information.  This will be another topic.  If you know the serial number, contact your Samsung tech support or your local factory authorized Samsung service center.  They will be able to search the Samsung portal for the correct part number

Ordering LG Parts

For LG Television or LG Appliances part, the model, product code and service code are critical to ordering the correct part.  Example model: “65UK6300PUE”, Example product code: “BUSVLOR”.  The LG service code is created by combining the model number and the product code.  Example “65UK6300PUE.BUSVLOR.”  You will need to know the service code to ensure that you are ordering the correct LG television or appliance part.

lg television lg appliances

Ordering Vizio Part

To order the Vizio television part, you must know the model number and the serial number from the label on back or side of television.  The serial number starts with 8 letters followed by 7 numbers.  If you are ordering a Vizio main board, the 8 letters on the label must match the serial number for the board you are ordering.  You must make sure the vendor provides the serial number before you order the part. If the 8 letters do not match, you are ordering the wrong main board.

Vizio television vizio main board

Ordering Funai, Emerson, Phillips and Magnavox Parts

These 4 brands are owned by Funai.  In order to order television parts for these brands, you must know the serial number.  The correct main board, power supply or t-con board are based on the first 3 digits in the serial number.  For example the following television model: “55PFL5402/F7”, the serial number is DS7A1725124769.  You must make sure the part comes from television with “DS7” in the serial number.

If you have a brand that we did not cover, you can email us pallen@tbelectronix.com and we will help you find the correct part number for mainboards, power supplies or t-con boards.

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